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SORBIX™ RePURE is a patented technology, enabled by a proprietary specialty regenerant solution, that allows PFAS-saturated resin to be regenerated onsite and reused. Following regeneration of SORBIX RePURE, the PFAS-laden regenerant solution is processed through ECT2’s distillation and SuperLoading™ process, reducing waste generation by orders of magnitude. SORBIX RePURE has approximately 10 times the capacity of GAC and is best suited to applications where resin replacement would lead to high operating expenses, such as long-term installations, source-area remediation wells, high-concentration spillage or discharge, complex waters, or where management of short chain or precursor PFAS is important.

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Case Studies:

Rapid Response Treatment of AFFF from a Fire Event

In July 2020, a transformer fire occurred at a power generating station in the Midwestern United States. Over ten fire departments responded to the call to tame the blaze over multiple hours, which resulted in PFAS-containing firefighting foam being released into the environment.