Industrial Wastewater Remediation

Industrial Wastewater Remediation

For many years, PFAS compounds, due to their ability to be resistant to heat, water, and oil, have been used in products such as paper food packaging, firefighting foams, carpeting, apparel, upholstery, and more. Various industries, including but not limited to chemical manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, textile mills, centralized water treatment, pulp/paper/paperboard manufacturing, coatings/paint/varnish manufacturing, and more, may have PFAS-impacted groundwater, surface water, stormwater, and wastewater due to their use of PFAS. To date, the EWG has found over 40,000 industrial and municipal sites that have produced or used/suspected of using PFAS in their processes.

The PFAS Strategic Roadmap of 2021-2024 from the US EPA led to PFAS-related changes in several key areas and industries to monitor and control PFAS contamination. As these regulations are being established, such as Effluent Guidelines (ELGs), which are technology-based regulatory limits, many in this market are ready to get started in treating existing contamination and setting up processes to eliminate future implications, including Industrial Wastewater Remediation.

ECT2’s Solutions and Experience

Since 2016, ECT2’s team of innovators have been treating PFAS-contaminated water, with several billions of gallons treated to date. With global coverage, our projects range from bench studies to full-scale treatment systems. Our in-house Research and Development team has patented our regenerable IX resin technology (SORBIX RePURE™) and developed our SuperLoading™ process to concentrate waste, therefore increasing sustainability objectives. Complex water chemistries require a variety of pre-treatment steps to ensure the success of our PFAS ion-exchange (IX) treatment systems. Some pre-treatment technologies that may be required include filtration to remove suspended solids, organic treatment such as Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), and volume reduction with Reverse Osmosis (RO). With our team’s vast experience and knowledge, we can customize the process and technologies that will best serve your project.

At a major industrial company in the US, our team piloted, designed, and conducted start-up of our SORBIX RePURE system for three of the largest remediation projects in the world to treat various PFAS-contaminated waters. The water at these project sites consists of some of the most contamination levels that our team has treated to date. Each of these systems is designed to treat between 4,000 – 8,000 GPM of highly concentrated PFAS-contaminated water. Our team is consistently working towards solving one of the hardest environmental challenges of this generation – providing clean water back to communities and meeting environmental regulations with our advanced Industrial Water Treatment Systems.


Curious how our treatment system provides a continuous, uninterrupted PFAS treatment solution while minimizing media replacement and waste generation? Check out our animated video here.

Ion Exchange PFAS Treatment Train Successfully Used at Legacy Textile Site in Southeast

A textile manufacturing company located in the southeastern part of the United States produced coated textiles using PFAS as a water and oil repellent. Read the case study here to learn how we achieved below state mandated discharge levels.

ECT2’s Technology is on the Cutting Edge of Tackling a Major Environmental Problem

In this interview with Maine’s Total Weather News Coverage (WMTW), ECT2’s Steve Woodard PhD, PE, discussed how our patented PFAS treatment process removes “forever chemicals” from water while sustainably reusing media and eliminating waste. Read the article and watch the interview here.
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