Single-Use Ion Exchange Resin (SORBIX™ PURE)

Ion Exchange Regeneration Services

Single-use ion exchange (IEX) resin is commonly used in drinking water and groundwater remediation applications. ECT2’s single-use resin, SORBIX™ PURE, can effectively remove difficult PFAS analytes to meet stringent effluent goals.


  • Effective on a broad range of PFAS, including short chains
  • Significantly smaller footprint than GAC
  • Significantly higher PFAS removal capacity than GAC (in most situations) and lasts longer between media replacements
  • Co-contaminants can be removed with a treatment train approach


  • Cannot be regenerated
  • Short chain PFCA removal efficiency decreased by elevated chloride concentrations (PFBA, PFPeA, PFHxA)


PFAS Treatment System for Industrial Wastewater

Watch this video to learn how ECT2 built a system for eliminating PFAS pollutants from an industrial site prior to releasing them into the city sewer. The system was transported to a tough location in Alaska and is capable of withstanding severe weather. It also offers remove access capabilities, which allows it to operate autonomously.

Case Studies:

IEX Technology to Treat Public School Water

Discover how ECT2 efficiently solved the issue of providing secure and safe drinking water for a school with their L Series PFAS treatment system. It was not only cost-effective, but  also met the limited space requirements, unlike the originally proposed GAC system. In this case study, you’ll learn about the implemented treatment system and how it was the first Non-Community Public Water Supply permit for a PFAS treatment system using IEX in Michigan.