PFAS Treatment Aviation

The historical use of Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF), which contains PFAS, has led to possible implications to human health and the environment. AFFF is used in a variety of situations such as emergency response, fire suppression systems, and fire-fighting training. Over time, AFFF entered our environment and ultimately impacts airports, fire training sites, military bases, and more. As regulations are promulgated to address PFAS contamination, the airport community is facing pressure to begin the process to investigate, test, and remediate contamination. Changing regulations are expected to be seen at both the individual state and national levels and will determine the treatment and future management of these contaminants while potentially creating future liabilities. Airport PFAS Treatment is becoming a critical focus area to ensure compliance and environmental safety.

ECT2’s Solutions and Experience

Since 2016, ECT2 has been treating PFAS contaminated water, with over 8 billion gallons treated to date globally. Our team has worked for years with airports, aircraft rescue and firefighting groups, the Department of Defense, and other industries to remediate their PFAS-impacted water challenges. With a team of expert engineers and a dedicated in-house Research & Development lab, our work is closely controlled and monitored.

For your project, our team will offer expert weigh-in on which unique solution will meet your treatment objectives. Some of our offerings include:

  • SORBIX AvPURE: Proprietary process that allows for the treatment and disposal from high-strength AFFF spills and releases on-site
  • SORBIX TM RePURE: Our patented, regenerable ion exchange (IX) resin technology that offers a sustainable on-site regeneration of media and produces up to 99% less waste generation through our patented SuperLoadingTM process, which concentrates the waste created
  • AFFF Transition and Cleanout: Our proprietary non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning solution that removes PFAS-impacted water from equipment and pipes, decontaminates and flushes, and prepares your asset to be refilled with synthetic fluorine free foam. The treatment of this water will help protect you from environmental risks and will contribute to your sustainability initiatives.

AFFF Transition and Cleanout Video

This new video captures the process and solution that the ECT2 team developed to transition and cleanout firefighting vehicles and equipment. Our non-toxic, biodegradable two-part cleaning solution performs considerably better than competing triple rinse solutions, and is focused on providing a sustainable solution that generates less waste. Watch our video here to learn more.

ECT2 Responds to Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF)

A global aviation services company had a location in the Northeastern United States that had an AFFF release in an aircraft hangar and needed remediation. The goal was to develop a plan and treat the PFAS contaminated water to meet drinking water standards and discharge it offsite. Read the case study here to learn how we approached this project.

Rapid Response Treatment of AFFF from a Fire Event

A transformer fire at a power generating station in the midwestern United States required over ten fire departments to respond to the call and tame the blaze over multiple hours. This resulted in PFAS-containing firefighting foam contaminating the plant’s water sources. Read our case study here to learn about how we treated this water to non-detect.
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