Diverse Standard & Custom Systems

Diverse Standard & Custom Systems

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ECT2 proudly presents a comprehensive array of standard and tailored systems, catering to a diverse range of applications including groundwater, drinking water, surface water, wastewater, construction dewatering, and investigation-derived waste (IDW). Our lineup encompasses:

  • Mobile Treatment Solutions
  • Modular Systems
  • Rapid Installation
  • Quick Startup Projects
  • Custom-Designed Systems
  • Supplementary, Upgraded, or Replacement Systems
  • Additional Treatment for PFAS

Explore our diverse treatment systems below, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today with any inquiries. Let us assist you in determining the optimal treatment system and technology for your project.


Pilot PS Series

ECT2 has ready-to-run Pilot PS Series for rapid deployment and implementation around the world. These can be installed anywhere, which includes integration into other systems, allowing the technology to be demonstrated to stakeholders.

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ECT2’s SORBIX™ L Series is designed for projects requiring flow rates of 35 GPM or less. For optimum performance, two vessels should be installed in a lead/lag configuration.

  • High PFAS Capacity
  • Small Footprint
  • Low Maintenance
  • Point-of-Entry-Treatment (POET)
  • Non-Detect Performance

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ECT2’s SORBIX™ H Series is designed for applications requiring flow rates of up to 1,357 GPM per vessel, such as drinking water systems. Additional vessel trains can be added to achieve any required flow rate.

  • High PFAS Capacity
  • Rapid Response
  • NSF61 Certified Resins
  • Various Water Types
  • Small Waste Volumes

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The SORBIX™ M Series systems are housed in single shipping containers, designed to meet the demands of rapid installation and start-up. Systems include pre-treatment, as required, are configured for SORBIX PURE or SORBIX RePURE resins, and come in 50, 100, 200, and 200+ GPM (3, 6, 12 and 12+ L/sec) models.

  • High PFAS Capacity
  • Mobile and Modular Treatment Systems
  • Custom Designed
  • Treatment System Housed in Temperature Controlled Container
  • Plug and Play System

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  • LC (Low Concentrations) Model Designed to treat low concentrations (<20 µg/l) of PFAS contaminated water from construction dewatering activities, and other short to medium-term treatment requirements. These systems manage a range of flow rates up to 100 GPM (6 L/sec) and include pre-treatment.
  • RR (Rapid Response) Model The RR Models can be shipped and assembled quickly; ideal for rapid response situations. Models come in several sizes and can be configured in series or parallel to accommodate higher flow rates or additional treatment options. The small footprint and simple design allows for rapid deployment of PFAS treatment.
  • Short-to-Medium Term PFAS Treatment
  • Fork Liftable Skid for Mobility
  • Multiple Media Options
  • Small Waste Volumes
  • Range of Vessel Sizes

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SORBIXTM R SERIES ECT2’s Regenerable System is designed to regenerate the SORBIX RePURE ion exchange resin used in the Series M and Series T product lines. The patented technology provides the lowest overall lifecycle cost and lowest waste on the market.

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