Removing Short-Chain PFAS

A commercial airport in Scandinavia came to us for help after finding PFAS – including harder-to-treat short chains – in its groundwater.

In this video, Jeffrey Lewis, General Manager for Sweden at ECT2, talks through the ion exchange system we deployed for the client. We call it SORBIX™ PURE, and you can read more about it on our PFAS solutions page.

Targeted Compounds

Long- and Short-Chain PFAS

Treatment system


Treatment objective

93% PFAS removal

Outcome achieved

99.8% PFAS removal


The ion exchange resin that we used for this client is the most efficient at removing PFAS from groundwater, surface water and drinking water, which means you don’t have to change out your media as often as you would with granular activated carbon (GAC). This helps to keep costs down: you don’t have to buy or dispose of anywhere near as much material.

Read our case study to learn more about this project and how we are removing PFAS at the airport.

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