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The textile industry historically has used per- and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) substances to apply water, oil, soil, and stain repellency. Due to being a significant user of these chemicals, the textile industry is likely a major contributor of this global contamination. In the last couple of years, PFAS has proven to lead to possible implications to human health and the environment. In Europe, the textile sector alone could be responsible for almost half of PFAS consumption. In utilizing these ‘forever chemicals’ in their processes, mills may be discharging PFAS into the environment and are responsible for contaminating drinking water and groundwater across the country.  

ECT2’s Solutions and Experience

Although there are currently no EPA standards that specifically limit PFAS discharges from mills and other industries, it is still the responsibility of companies in this industry to treat the water discharged from their facilities. Since 2016, ECT2 has been treating PFAS contaminated water, with over 9 billion gallons treated to date globally. Our team has worked for years with the aviation, manufacturing, industrial, government, and textile industries to remediate their PFAS-impacted water challenges. With a team of expert engineers and a dedicated in-house Research & Development lab, our work is closely controlled and monitored.  

For your project, our team offers expert weigh in on which unique solution will meet your treatment objectives. For instance, some applicable technologies include:

  • FOAM-XTM: Foam fractionation technology capable of targeting PFAS in challenging industrial wastewater streams
  • SORBIX TM PURE and RePURE: Single-use and regenerable ion exchange (IEX) resin technology, capable of treating all PFAS compounds and removing to below detectable limits
  • NanoSORBTM: Waste focused technology that binds all of the PFAS in wastewater to the solids, providing one manageable waste stream


Curious how our treatment system provides a continuous, uninterrupted PFAS treatment solution while minimizing media replacement and waste generation? Check out our animated video here.

Ion Exchange PFAS Treatment Train Successfully Used at Legacy Textile Site in Southeast

A textile manufacturing company located in the southeastern part of the United States produced coated textiles using PFAS as a water and oil repellent. Read the case study here to learn how we achieved below state mandated discharge levels.

ECT2 Launches Foam Fractionation Pilot to Solve the PFAS Leachate Challenge

PFAS poses financial and logistical challenges for landfills, ECT2’s foam fractionation pilot launched to help solve this mounting crisis. Learn more about this project by clicking here.
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