Solid Waste PFAS Treatment

Solid Waste Industry

Companies and individuals in the solid waste industry are starting to receive pressure from municipalities and regulatory agencies due to high concentrations of PFAS often found in leachate due to passively receiving PFAS through a multitude of products.. Additionally, increases in hauling costs and potential rejections is leading the solid waste community to seek out solutions for PFAS removal from landfill leachate. We are able to offer services that include the pre-treatment of leachate prior to direct discharge, all the way to a comprehensive treatment solution for contaminated waters.

Solid Waste PFAS Treatment

ECT2’s Solutions and Experience

With nationwide project installations, ECT2 is well positioned for removing PFAS from your solid waste. ECT2’s FOAM-X™ (Foam Fractionation) system is highly effective at treating PFAS with high levels of co-contaminants by stripping it from the water. Air is injected in the form of tiny bubbles, which attract PFAS to the air-water interface, removing it from the water column. Our proprietary, cost-effective FOAM-X system is simple to operate, reducing the environmental waste footprint.

If a site requires a limit of technology effluent treatment, FOAM-X can be coupled with ECT2’s patented, regenerable IX resin technology.  The resulting system is highly effective at capturing both short and long-chain PFAS compounds. Regenerating the media in place virtually eliminates media changeout and minimizes operating expenses. This concentrated PFAS waste stream, in the form of still bottoms, partners perfectly with PFAS destruction technologies by minimizing the required energy consumption and operating costs associated with PFAS destruction. When combined with our SuperLoader™ trade technology, a low-volume, highly concentrated PFAS waste is generated with a concentration factor of greater than 1,500,000:1.

FOAM-X Technology – Animation

This new animation video shows how ECT2’s foam fractionation (FOAM-X) technology can remediate PFAS-impacted water effectively and economically. This system works well for the removal of both long-and-short chain PFAS compounds, and the foamate is treated using ECT2’s SuperLoading™ technology or sent for destruction.

Foam Fractionation Pilot Launch

We’re proud to partner with Waste Connections, a sustainability-focused, forward-thinking group working to evaluate and find the best PFAS removal technology ahead of any upcoming regulations. Watch our video and learn more about ECT2’s involvement to pre-treat leachate before it was discharged to the local wastewater treatment plant in Maryland Heights, MO.

SORBIX™ RePURE Ion Exchange System

Curious how our treatment system provides a continuous, uninterrupted PFAS treatment solution while minimizing media replacement and waste generation? Check out our animated video here.