PFAS Poses Financial and Logistical Challenges for Landfills, ECT2’s Foam Fractionation Pilot Launched to Help Solve this Mounting Crisis

At ECT2, we believe the world needs better ways to treat PFAS.

We’re proud to partner with Waste Connections, a sustainability-focused, forward-thinking group working to evaluate and find the best PFAS removal technology ahead of any upcoming regulations.

“We are looking at technologies to pre-treat the leachate before we discharge it to the wastewater treatment plant. We are looking at these technologies ahead of any regulation.” – Geoff Strack, Engineer, Waste Connections.

Our FOAM-X treatment system at Champ Landfill will successfully treat PFAS-impacted leachate before it’s sent to the municipality’s wastewater treatment plant.

Our proprietary, cost-effective FOAM-X treatment system is simple to operate and has a low energy consumption, reducing the carbon and environmental waste footprint.

Why Foam Fractionation

One of the biggest drivers to evaluate foam fractionation is its ability to selectively remove PFAS in complex water matrices, like leachate, with which many other traditional methods struggle.

“Foam fractionation is a selective separation process specifically used for PFAS that capitalizes on its affinity for the air-water interface. Our FOAM-X technology and process concentrates the PFAS into the foam stream by producing very small bubbles that are removed from the water.” – Nicole Bolea, P.E., Business Development Manager, ECT2.

To find out if our FOAM-X technology could help with your PFAS challenges, get in touch with us here.

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