ECT2’s patented process designed to sustainably eliminate ‘forever chemicals’

ECT2’s patented PFAS treatment process involves a series of specialized filtration, concentration and distillation steps aimed at removing the PFAS “forever chemicals” from water while sustainably reusing filtration media and eliminating waste. The process allows for PFAS to be extracted from water, super-concentrated and efficiently destroyed on-site when paired with a destruction technology.  It can destroy PFAS wastes forever, thus eliminating the need to landfill or incinerate PFAS wastes and filter media. ECT2’s solution has the added benefits of mitigating cost increases and potential future liability associated with transportation and off-site storage of waste.

“The processes that we develop and commercialize are always focused on sustainability, so waste minimization is a key aspect.”

– Steve Woodard, CIO, ECT2

ECT2’s filtration systems use specialized ion exchange resin media, which attracts and traps the PFAS chemicals, allowing clean water to flow through. Typically, this process generates effluent measuring at non-detectable levels of PFAS, or in the single-digits parts-per-trillion.  Non-detect levels of PFAS can be maintained by increasing the ion exchange resin regeneration frequency prior to observing PFAS “breakthrough” in the effluent stream.

At ECT2, we are technology agnostic.  We leverage and partner our patented processes and technologies with other traditional treatment methods to deliver highly efficient and cost-effective PFAS and co-contaminant removal systems.

ECT2’s flexible and customized treatment system designs are ideal to treat groundwater, process water, wastewater, landfill leachate, drinking water, AFFF fire suppression system transitions and rapid response scenarios.

Our technology has been deployed to more than 350 sites across the world, including contaminated sites in Australia, Sweden, and Germany.

To date, we’ve treated over 3 billion gallons of water globally.

Watch the video from WMTW News here.