Portland, Maine, USA, 2 June 2023 — ECT2, a Montrose Environmental Group company, has been awarded ISO certifications in Sweden for the first time, and continues to maintain certification in Australia since 2021. In both countries, the company’s integrated management system meets the requirements of international standards 45001:2018 (Safety), 9001:2015 (Quality), and 14001:2015 (Environment).

These certifications reflect the company’s commitment to delivering quality, sustainable services to its customers throughout Australia and Europe while providing a safe workplace that promotes and values a proactive safety culture. Building on a strong track record in Australia, the USA and Canada, ECT2 is currently expanding into Europe, where it is working to help governmental and private organizations to eliminate per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from groundwater, process water, wastewater, landfill leachate, and drinking water.

“This certification shows our customers we are working to the same high standards here in Europe that they have come to expect from us in other parts of the world,” says Jeff Lewis, General Manager for ECT2 in Sweden. “The processes improve our ability to demonstrate our outputs to our customers and prove our internal processes are in place and are working.”

Jude Sneesby, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality manager at ECT2, commented, “We passed the ISO certification audit with zero non-conformance. This is a credit to our committed teams, who have developed and implemented the necessary programmes during a period of exponential growth for the company.”

About ECT2

ECT2, a Montrose Environmental Group company, is a leading provider of technology solutions for removing difficult-to-treat contaminants from water and vapor using a proprietary, cost-effective approach that leverages the properties of synthetic resins to enable efficient analyte removal and on-site regeneration. With successful applications deployed around the world for water and vapor contaminants, ECT2 offers a full array of services dedicated to understanding and managing the impacts of emerging contaminants.