At ECT2, we believe the world needs better ways to treat PFAS.

We are proud of the ongoing success of our pilot program at Laholmsbuktens VA (LBVA) in Halmstad, Sweden, to remove PFAS from drinking water.

Since the beginning of 2022, Laholmsbuktens VA in Halmstad, Sweden, has been running two pilot projects with ECT2 that aim to filter out poly- and perfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) in drinking water using ion exchange (IX) or granular activated carbon (GAC).

In Sweden, PFAS was used in various substances and has with time polluted the groundwater. These substances don’t degrade in nature, and there are complicated solutions that are required to prevent them from spreading in water. Since LBVA is a responsible producer of drinking water, they want to remediate it from PFAS but were unsure of what technology would be the most cost-effective solution.

To offer a technology-focused solution that abides by the Swedish FDA legislation to have PFAS4 levels at a max 4ng/l, we suggested a pilot with a two-trail system, one side with ECT2’s SORBIX™ PURE and the other side GAC, that would test the same water, but with different flows. Our SORBIX™ PURE side has a 5.4 times higher flow rate, meaning the system can treat 5.4 times more water compared to the GAC side.

“The pilot has been running since February 2022, and as of today, we still don’t have any breakthrough of PFAS on the IX side. The pilot performs so efficiently that we had to prolong it twice. This also indicates that a permanent IX solution will be an extremely cost-efficient solution for LBVA and the local community with its taxpayers.”

– Jorgen Lindahl

Our proprietary SORBIX™ PURE Ion Exchange system provides a continuous, uninterrupted PFAS treatment and minimizes media replacement and waste generation in a compressed footprint. It can concentrate waste at a rate of 20 million to 1, depending on the PFAS concentration.

Watch the video below and hear ECT2’s Jörgen Lindahl explain how the side-by-side pilot study operates during a visit to the water treatment plant.