Rapid Response Treatment of AFFF from a Fire Event


In July 2020, a transformer fire occurred at a power generating station in the Midwestern United States. Over ten fire departments responded to the call to tame the blaze over multiple hours, which resulted in PFAS-containing firefighting foam being released into the environment.

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Eielson Air Force Base – Alaska


Opportunity Eielson Air Force Base near Fairbanks, Alaska experienced an unplanned release of 30,000 gallons of wastewater containing concentrated PFAS, and the Air Force Civil Engineer Center sought a system [...]

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Army Aviation Centre, Oakey – Groundwater Treatment


Opportunity In 2016, environmental investigations at the Army Aviation Centre, Oakey, identified per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination in both ground and surface water. The contaminated water had migrated offsite [...]

Army Aviation Centre, Oakey – Groundwater Treatment2023-05-05T20:49:58+00:00

Successful Treatment of Airport De-Icing Fluid Runoff to Remove PFAS


Opportunity An airport located in the United States uses de-icing fluid in the winter to assist in cold weather operations. The used fluid is pumped and transported to storage lagoons [...]

Successful Treatment of Airport De-Icing Fluid Runoff to Remove PFAS2023-05-05T20:50:50+00:00

Pease Site 8: Regenerable Resin System for Groundwater Remediation


Opportunity The former Pease Air Force Base (Pease) in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA was the site for fire-training activities for the State of New Hampshire for several years. Aqueous Film [...]

Pease Site 8: Regenerable Resin System for Groundwater Remediation2023-05-05T20:51:45+00:00

Robinson Elementary School


Opportunity In Fall of 2018, the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) conducted a statewide public water supply sampling program. Robinson Elementary School in Grand Haven, Ottawa [...]

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RAAF Base Tindal, NT Australia


Opportunity In 2018 Defence completed a detailed environmental site investigation incorporating RAAF Base Tindal and private land in the vicinity of the Base. The investigation identified that PFAS contamination had [...]

RAAF Base Tindal, NT Australia2023-05-05T20:53:02+00:00

RAAF Base Williamtown Moors Drain


Opportunity Extensive environmental investigations into per- and poly- fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination at RAAF Base Williamtown, commencing in around 2014, determined that PFAS was present in ground and surface water [...]

RAAF Base Williamtown Moors Drain2023-05-05T20:54:09+00:00

ECT2 POET Project


Ottawa County, MI — ECT2 has been chosen to design and implement a water filtration system for a Grand Haven elementary school to help eradicate dangerous contaminants. Robinson Elementary School discovered its [...]

ECT2 POET Project2023-07-20T16:47:38+00:00
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