Eielson Air Force Base – Alaska


Opportunity Eielson Air Force Base near Fairbanks, Alaska experienced an unplanned release of 30,000 gallons of wastewater containing concentrated PFAS, and the Air Force Civil Engineer Center sought a system [...]

Eielson Air Force Base – Alaska2021-09-22T16:01:37+00:00

Army Aviation Centre, Oakey – Groundwater Treatment


Opportunity In 2016, environmental investigations at the Army Aviation Centre, Oakey, identified per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination in both ground and surface water. The contaminated water had migrated offsite [...]

Army Aviation Centre, Oakey – Groundwater Treatment2021-07-20T17:54:41+00:00

Successful Treatment of Airport De-Icing Fluid Runoff to Remove PFAS


Opportunity An airport located in the United States uses de-icing fluid in the winter to assist in cold weather operations. The used fluid is pumped and transported to storage lagoons [...]

Successful Treatment of Airport De-Icing Fluid Runoff to Remove PFAS2021-04-21T21:11:26+00:00

Pease Site 8: Regenerable Resin System for Groundwater Remediation


Opportunity The former Pease Air Force Base (Pease) in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA was the site for fire-training activities for the State of New Hampshire for several years. Aqueous Film [...]

Pease Site 8: Regenerable Resin System for Groundwater Remediation2022-05-02T17:10:05+00:00

Robinson Elementary School


Opportunity In Fall of 2018, the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) conducted a statewide public water supply sampling program. Robinson Elementary School in Grand Haven, Ottawa [...]

Robinson Elementary School2021-06-25T19:12:37+00:00

RAAF Base Tindal, NT Australia


Opportunity In 2018 Defence completed a detailed environmental site investigation incorporating RAAF Base Tindal and private land in the vicinity of the Base. The investigation identified that PFAS contamination had [...]

RAAF Base Tindal, NT Australia2021-06-25T19:14:42+00:00

RAAF Base Williamtown Moors Drain


Opportunity Extensive environmental investigations into per- and poly- fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination at RAAF Base Williamtown, commencing in around 2014, determined that PFAS was present in ground and surface water [...]

RAAF Base Williamtown Moors Drain2021-06-25T19:15:16+00:00

ECT2 POET Project


Ottawa County, MI — ECT2 has been chosen to design and implement a water filtration system for a Grand Haven elementary school to help eradicate dangerous contaminants. Robinson Elementary School discovered its [...]

ECT2 POET Project2020-06-01T17:54:44+00:00

ECT2 and its Partner Power and Water Corporation Win Best Remedial Project


Emerging Compounds Treatment Technologies, Inc (ECT2) part of the Montrose Environmental Group, Inc (Montrose) along with its partner the Northern Territory Power and Water Corporation (PWC) has announced that it won [...]

ECT2 and its Partner Power and Water Corporation Win Best Remedial Project2020-05-19T14:29:57+00:00
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