At ECT2, we believe the world needs better ways to treat PFAS.

We are excited to announce our new PFAS Technology Selection Tool. As PFAS treatment requirements are unique to each situation, treating PFAS cannot be a one-size fits all solution. In the video below, you’ll hear from our PFAS experts Patrick McKeown, P.E. and Nicole Bolea P.E. as they explain why we created this tool and how you can use it for your next PFAS project.

“Our PFAS Tech Select Tool allows those with PFAS-impacted sites to easily determine which technology is the best fit for their facility by answering a few quick questions,” said Patrick McKeown, Business Development Manager.


By utilizing this interactive tool, clients can quickly assess their PFAS treatment needs and get a head start on understanding our recommended solutions. The tool gathers information such as how much PFAS is in the water, understanding co-contaminant levels, required flowrates, size constraints for a treatment system, and more. ECT2’s VP of Strategic Accounts, Dale Wynkoop commented: “It is a quick and simple tool to get people thinking about what they need to take into consideration when they are looking for solutions to their PFAS problems.”

Ready to find out which technology treatment is best for your unique location and circumstances?


Try the Tool Here

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