Successful Advancements for Removal of “Forever Chemicals” from Water

PORTLAND, Maine – May 29, 2024 – Earlier this week, ECT2’s parent company, Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. (“Montrose”) (NYSE: MEG) shared highlights from its presentation with 3M Company at the Bank of America 31st Annual Transportation, Airlines and Industrials Conference in New York.

ECT2’s Chief Innovation Officer, Steve Woodard, Ph.D., P.E., joined the panel with Montrose President and Chief Executive Officer, Vijay Manthripragada, and 3M’s Chief Technology Officer John Banovetz, Ph.D., to discuss “PFAS Panel: Advancing Technology for a Cleaner Tomorrow.”

Utilizing ECT2’s SORBIX™ RePURE technology, a regenerable ion exchange resin technology for the removal of PFAS from contaminated water, 3M’s systems are a sustainable and effective solution for treating these highly contaminated waters. Unlike other PFAS treatment systems, this process is capable of removing both long and short chain PFAS compounds.

“We have developed multiple technologies to remove [PFAS] from the environment, and 3M is leading the way,” said Dr. Steve Woodard. “We’re going to benefit a lot of industries, communities and government, but most importantly, the health and welfare of communities.”

To learn more about this project, you can read the full press release here.

About ECT2
ECT2, a Montrose Environmental Group company, is a leading provider of novel technologies for removing difficult-to-treat contaminants from water and vapor using a proprietary, cost-effective approach that leverages the properties of synthetic resins to enable efficient analyte removal and on-site regeneration. With successful applications deployed around the world for contaminants including 1,4-Dixone and per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (“PFAS”) in water, ECT2’s systems have achieved industry-leading uptime and deliver contaminant removal well below specified limits. Due to this advanced technology, ECT2 has been a recognized PFAS treatment leader since 2017. For more information, visit

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