Flocculating PFAS

A simpler way to remove the PFAS from your landfill leachate

Note: This technology is currently only available to customers in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

PFAS in Landfill Leachate

Landfills and recycling sites are home to hundreds or thousands of PFAS compounds. In the past it has been difficult to remove these chemicals from their dirty, complex leachate. Many waste management teams know they need to do something, but they worry it will be too expensive to filter out the PFAS using traditional methods. Without a simpler option, their problem will keep growing.

Remove PFAS at a Lower Cost

For many landfills in Scandinavia, there is a simpler option that gets the job done reliably and operates at a much lower cost. This process, called flocculation, will remove up to 95% of PFAS. Additionally, it can be used to pre-treat leachate before removing PFAS, and to remove heavy metals and other pollutants.

Tried and Tested

Our team brings a wealth of experience to the process of flocculating PFAS. It is a technique we have used to remove PFAS at landfills and other waste management sites all over Scandinavia.

Benefits of PFAS Flocculation

  • Effective: Removes <95% of PFAS
  • Start-up in just a few hours
  • Low cost: No specialized equipment
  • Reliable: Easy to use and maintain

Connect with a PFAS expert

If you would like to start treating your leachate, or just want to learn more and explore your options, please feel free to call Tore Svendsen on +45 58 549 734 or use the contact form below.