Mobile treatment systems

///Mobile treatment systems
Mobile treatment systems2019-10-10T21:03:55+00:00
  • Demonstrated ability to treat 1,4-dioxane to consistently less than 0.2 µg/L detection limit, meeting all current and proposed treatment standards.
  • Nominal capacity of 25 gpm for:
    • Pilot testing
    • Full-scale demonstration
    • Lease/Lease-to-own
    • Purchase
  • Consistent, predictable, reliable treatment, independent of changes in influent concentrations and flow rate.
  • System simplicity allows “plug and play” rapid installation, with limited operator oversight.
  • Improved compliance performance at a lower life-cycle cost.
  • In-place regeneration, media can be cycled thousands of times without losing its adsorption capacity or the ability to reliably achieve low-level