High-flow: continuous moving bed

Products for continuous service conditions for the removal, destruction (or recovery) of contaminants (organics, aromatics and fragrances) from process/ facility air discharges, where high removal and energy efficiency are a must. ECT2’s continuous moving bed (CMB) air treatment systems can be configured to handle flows of 100,000 SCFM or more, with a neutral energy footprint.

To learn more about how ECT2’s CMB works, click HERE.

Low-flow: fixed bed

Products for continuous or intermittent service, treating process vents or other lower flow environmental applications with high concentration influent conditions. ECT2’s fixed bed systems have a modular design and small footprint. They are lightweight for easy installation and access.

To learn more about how ECT2’s fixed bed systems work, click HERE.

Features of ECT2 air treatment products

Modular design, small footprint and lightweight for easy installation and access

Continuous operation to accommodate processing requirements

Regeneration options allow product recovery, energy generation or both, supporting sustainability programs

Low first cost and very low operating cost provide rapid investment return and reduced lifecycle cost