March 9, 2021 - March 11, 2021

Sponsors, Exhibitors, & Presenters

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Conference Overview:

The RemTEC Virtual Summit delivers a truly unique platform focused on advancing the environmental science and remediation industry. It is the place where you can hear essential sources of information on technology, application and policy affecting contaminated site restoration field from the world’s leading experts within the academic, regulatory and environmental-consulting communities.

By daring to be different and distinctively focusing on the quality – not quantity – of topics, session chairs, presenters and posters, we have created the most advanced forum where knowledge sharing and innovative thought leadership come together and pave the way to progress.

Unlike most environmental conferences, attending RemTEC virtually is a highly worthwhile investment of time and money, as it is focused on cost-effective site management and closure – not just theory and research. You will leave this event well informed and enthusiastic about applying the latest concepts and information to your own projects.

Presentation Details:

Platform Presentation: Successful Pilot Test for Treating and Recycling Fire School Simulator Water

  • Speaker: Nicole Bolea, P.E.
  • Date: Tuesday, March 9, 2021
  • Time: 2:50 pm ET

Poster Presentation: Aviation Contamination – Remove PFAS from the Waste Stream at an Airport

  • Speaker: Patrick McKeown, P.E.

Poster Presentation: Soil Washing and its Potential Application at Sediment Sites Impacted by Surface or Subsurface Discharge of PFAS Contamination

  • Speakers: David Strainge and Steve Becker (Brice Engineering)