Portland, Maine. (July 10, 2020) —Environmental Business Journal®* (EBJ), a business research publication which provides high value strategic business intelligence to the environmental industry*, has honored ECT2 for Project Merit: PFAS Remediation in 2019.

“In what is widely regarded as a stable market, a number of companies exceeded the norms of low single-digit growth with double-digit growth or ambitious ventures into new practice areas or technology development,” said Grant Ferrier, president of Environmental Business International Inc. (EBI, Inc.), publisher of Environmental Business Journal.

ECT2 was recognized for deploying innovative technology to treat water contaminated by per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS). Using their regenerable ion exchange resin technology, ECT2 was able to address the challenge at the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base Williamtown. The groundwater and stormwater contamination at the facility required the right technology in addition to a modular solution. By 2019’s end, approximately 923 million liters of contaminated water were treated with an estimated 13.5kg of removed PFAS from the aquifer.

“We focus on the right way to handle tough problems, leveraging our advanced treatment technology, unmatched real-world experience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence to deliver impressive results,” noted Andy Bishop, Chief Operating Officer of ECT2. “Our team continues to provide smart solutions like this around the globe, and we’re pleased to be recognized for our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship.”

The 2019 EBJ awards will be presented at a special ceremony at the Environmental Industry Summit XVIII in San Diego, Calif. in September, 2020. The Environmental Industry Summit is an annual three-day executive retreat hosted by EBI, Inc.

* Environmental Business Journal provides strategic information and market forecasts for executives involved in 14 business segments, including environmental remediation, water & wastewater, air pollution control, environmental consulting & engineering, hazardous waste, instrumentation, pollution control equipment, waste management, resource recovery, and solid waste management.

About ECT2:
ECT2, a Montrose Environmental Group company, is a leading provider of novel technologies for removing difficult-to-treat contaminants from water and vapor using a proprietary, cost-effective approach that leverages the properties of synthetic resins to enable efficient analyte removal and on-site regeneration. With successful applications deployed around the world for contaminants including 1,4-dioxane and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (“PFAS”) in water, ECT2’s systems have achieved industry-leading uptime and deliver contaminant removal well below specified limits. Due to this advanced technology, ECT2 has been a recognized PFAS treatment leader since 2017. For more information, visit www.www.ect2.com.

About the EBJ Business Achievement Awards:
In October-December 2019, Environmental Business Journal solicited nominations for the EBJ Business Achievement Awards. Nominations were accepted in 200-word essays in specific categories. Final awards were determined by a committee of EBJ editorial advisory board members.

(Disclaimer: company audits were not conducted to verify information or claims submitted with nominations)

About EBI:
Founded in 1988, Environmental Business International Inc. (San Diego, Calif.) is a research, publishing and consulting company that specializes in defining emerging markets and generating strategic market intelligence for companies, investors and policymakers. EBI publishes Environmental Business Journal® and Climate Change Business Journal®. EBI also performs contract research for the government and private sector and founded the Environmental Industry Summit Series, four annual conferences event for executives in the environmental industry.