At ECT2, we believe the world needs better ways to treat PFAS.

In March 2023, ECT2’s Patrick McKeown, Business Development Manager and PFAS-treatment expert, contributed to an article with Environment Analyst. The recent decision by the EPA to enforce maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) for PFAS in drinking water is both a critical moment for our industry and could be viewed as potentially challenging to achieve.

The emergence of new technologies to treat water to these levels and consolidate the waste created will continue to alter the market. The ECT2 R&D lab comes up with innovations every week.

“We’re now deploying systems that we did not have two years ago,” Patrick said. “Five years ago, there were perhaps one or two firms providing destruction solutions – now there are a dozen. But they can destroy it to different degrees and to different dollar values. The question isn’t whether you can destroy PFAS, it’s at what level and at what cost.”

– Patrick McKeown

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