Project highlights and product features

  • Client needed to upgrade two existing groundwater pump and treat systems due to lowered PFOA standard.
  • Upgraded systems needed to reach effluent target of non-detect for Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), and integrate with the existing treatment system.
  • Systems have been operational and meeting effluent target levels of non-detect.

An electronics manufacturing firm in New England had two separate, existing groundwater pump and treat systems, with reinjection of the treated water. The existing treatment plants, rated for 160 gpm and 50 gpm, both utilized traditional air stripping followed by granular activated carbon (GAC) polishing. In late 2016 the state lowered the standard for PFOA to 20 parts per trillion (ppt), prompting the company to upgrade its existing treatment systems.

ECT2 worked with the manufacturer’s consultant to develop a solution that would achieve three goals:

  1. Reach an effluent target of non-detect for all monitored Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)
  2. Have a low manpower operational effort
  3. Require infrequent changeouts of the media, targeting a maximum of one changeout annually

ECT2 is on target to meet all three goals by adding polish treatment vessels filled with their specialty Sorbix LC1 resin to the manufacturer’s existing systems. The resin utilizes a dual mechanism method of adsorption and ion exchange, which effectively removes longand short-chained PFAS compounds. LCI resin can treat much higher bed volumes and a broader array of compounds than GAC. Since startup in June 2017, both systems have been operational and meeting treatment objectives.

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