ECT2 has conducted extensive research and development on various rinses and confirmed that our custom solvent (based upon our patented solutions) has the highest removal efficiency and generates less waste that you must dispose of.

ARFF Piping

What is ‘rebound’? 

‘Leaching concentration rebound’ is actually the scientific terminology for the ability by which molecules and/or chemicals can be infused into another material due to the length of time that the chemical may have been in physical contact with it.

In this case, we are talking about aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) inside of the holding tanks, pipes, fixtures, nozzles, and pumps that are utilized in your aircraft firefighting trucks. Over time, the AFFF has leached PFAS into the materials it has come in contact with – the longer it was in the vehicle, the higher the concentration.

Even though you may conduct the cleanout with a water rinse, our research shows a rebound effect over 33 days that show a gradual and continual increase in the release of PFAS that has leached into your equipment.

Please see the chart:

ECT2 Removal Efficiency Graphic
















Why does it matter? 

As a result, if choosing to utilize the traditional water rinse method, you will need to conduct repeated water rinses over time. Otherwise, the new synthetic fluorine free foam (SFFF) that you transition to will be impacted by PFAS in short order. Alternatively, ECT2 can clean your fleet with our custom solvent and proven process, which will result in significantly less waste to dispose of, a higher removal efficiency including rebound, and it can be completed in much shorter time, especially if you consider needing repeated rinses.

Below, you can see how ECT2’s proven process operates to cleanout and transition your systems from AFFF to SFFF.













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