About Us

When the going
gets tough,
we get smart.

ECT2, a Montrose Environmental Group company, is a leading provider of technology solutions for removing difficult-to-treat contaminants from water and vapor using a proprietary, cost-effective approach that leverages the properties of synthetic resins to enable efficient analyte removal and on-site regeneration.

Our name stands for Emerging Compounds Treatment Technologies – because from the very beginning, we’ve been committed to finding new and better ways to take on new and concerning contaminants.

With successful applications deployed around the world for water and vapor contaminants – including per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), 1,4-dioxane, and specialty Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) – ECT2’s systems have achieved industry-leading uptime and delivered contaminant removal to concentrations well below regulatory, and client, specified limits.

  • 10+ billion litres of remediation water treated
  • 350+ PFAS systems installed or under construction worldwide since 2016
  • PFAS removed that would otherwise contaminate 150 olympic sized swimming pools
  • 200+ point-of-entry treatment systems (POETS) in operation
  • 100% on-time system delivery

Brain + Power


ECT2 offers a full array of services dedicated to understanding and managing the impacts of contaminants in air and water.

Research and Development

ECT2’s dedicated R&D team is focused on the development of leading-edge solutions to emerging contaminants that generate orders of magnitude less waste. With two patented technologies and an additional patent pending, our team is continuously pursuing the most effective, economical, and sustainable solutions to these complex problems, and our bench-scale media testing lab, with integrated analytical capabilities, has performed over 800 bench-scale pilot studies involving over 80 media types. Let’s work together to test your treatment challenge at the bench or pilot scale.

Design and Engineering

ECT2 places a priority on understanding every driver behind each client’s project, the characteristics of each site, and the regulatory framework applicable to each circumstance, allowing us to design effective and cost-efficient treatment solutions to complex situations, every time. Our data driven process has repeatedly proven to optimize outcomes, and our proprietary solutions can be customized to incorporate media blends, including ion exchange resins and granular activated carbon, reverse osmosis, or other technologies and solutions. Most importantly, we integrate safety in the design process, early and often, embracing the safety-in-design approach to thoroughly review our plans.

Installation and Construction Management

We believe that the success of any infrastructure-related project relies on expert project and construction management. Our safe, successful approach has led to a record of 100% on-time delivery in all installations, including those in remote locations, within operating airfields, alongside highways, and within construction footprints. Preparation and planning, including engagement of the customer’s site team, are key elements of our safety-focused approach to field work.

Start-up and Commissioning

In order to achieve stringent treated water criteria, our focus on critical project management function continues into the commissioning phase with a robust set of procedures. Our processes ensure that any potential equipment and infrastructure issues are identified and rectified in a controlled manner prior to our treatment systems going operational – and our projects have achieved 100% compliance with treated water criteria from day one of commissioning.

Operations and Maintenance

Properly-trained and well-managed on-site operations and maintenance teams are key to the success of any project, and having all knowledge leaders connected as colleagues on a project is a significant added value for any project owner. ECT2 provides operations and maintenance service for most of the treatment solutions that we have implemented. In some cases, we provide remote process monitoring, and in other cases we provide turnkey onsite operations service. Regardless, customer satisfaction coupled with a spotless compliance record has allowed us to retain 100% of our O&M contracts.